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4 reasons why your social media isn’t turning likes > leads > clients

When I sit down with my consulting clients, there are 4 main reasons WHY their social media strategy isn’t working

1. You have the build and it will come mindset

What exactly does this mean?

It means that you’re not engaging and building community — rather you’re hoping that just by producing content you’ll get people to interact with you and ultimately buy from you

And if you are interacting I’m guessing it’s passively…

What is passive interaction?

Only liking pictures of people in your newsfeed!

Only replying to comments on your own posts.

During a Get Clear session, I show you how to effectively interact (active interaction) to build community and ultimately sign more clients

2. Wrong types of posts

Your posts are “OKAY” but you’re missing out on a few key elements. These few key elements mean the difference between someone reaching out to you and someone staying quiet on the sidelines. (Aka a follower and a client)

Some post categories to get you started:

1. Who you are

2. Personal stories of your health journey

3. HOW do you work with people

4. WHY people should work with you rather than someone else

5. Value/educational posts (but make sure they are more action-based and less theory-based)

3. Following the crowd

You find yourself posting what the industry “standard” posts about. Whether you’re a functional medicine expert, health coach, nutritionist, etc, if you’re only spewing out content like 99% of the industry just because you think you “should” you’re not going to stand out (or attract clients with ease)

Ultimately you’re filtering yourself and not allowing your zone of genius to come out and shine. AND I know each and everyone has something unique and special to offer.

4.  Missing pieces of the puzzle

Your marketing strategy isn’t cohesive. There are some major building blocks that are missing.

Maybe it’s…

Your website

Your communication skills when talking to new leads

Your sales skills (when hopping on that discovery call)

You’re only focusing on one platform

Your mindset isn’t in the right place (you’re scared to promote yourself, you think selling is icky, etc)

Honestly, the list could go on and on. But the point that I’m trying to make is that social media ONE tool in building your business. If you don’t have all of these other things, then your social media won’t work no matter if you get everything else right.

If you’re ready to stop making these 4 mistakes when it comes to social media, then I invite you to GET CLEAR with me so we can start to refine your social media presence so you stand out on social media!

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