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8 places to gain inspiration to create content

8 places to gain inspiration to create content

Zero ideas for what to post on social media?

Don’t worry this happens to me too. However, I know how to make sure to find inspiration even when nothing is coming from me!

Whenever I need to jumpstart my creativity or brainstorming powers to get ideas for what to post, I look in these 8️ places to gain inspiration.

To do this exercise, keep your core topics in mind (like PCOS, microbiome, fertility, SIBO, Candida, yoga, etc)

1. YouTube

Head on over to YouTube and type in your keyword such as “PCOS.” Before you hit search, you’ll notice that a bunch of topic ideas will come up such as “PCOS weight loss” – “PCOS diet” – “PCOS facial hair” – “PCOS acne”


You can already use these ideas as a jumping-off point, or select one to search for more ideas. You’ll see all the top videos with those keywords AND you’ll get even more ideas for a more narrow topic such as “PCOS acne” 

2. Google

Head to the Google search engine page. You can do the exact same thing as the YouTube search. Instead of videos in the search results, you’ll find the top blogs and/or research articles.

3. Blog Graveyard

Do you have a file full of partially finished blogs? (I know I do! 🙋🏻‍♀️). Even if it’s not a finished blog, you can often use some of the content for a social post.

4. Posted Blogs

If you have published blogs, depending on the length of them, you can often get up to 5 posts out of only 1 blog!

5. DM’s / Comments

Are you getting questions in your DM’s or comments? Take those questions and turn them into posts.

6. Your clients

While working with clients, they are bound to ask you questions. Take note of these, and turn those into posts.

7. Analytics

Head to your insights/analytics. Which posts had the most saves, shares, and overall engagement? Which posts reached the most people? If it’s been 3+ months… reuse the exact same post OR use it as inspiration for a new idea.

8. Hashtags

Head to a hashtag of your core topic. Look at the top and recent posts for ideas. How can you put your own spin on it? (Please, oh please don’t copy here…only use it as inspo)

Need more ideas?


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