How to never run out of post ideas

Do you feel like you NEVER know what to post about on social media?

Do you feel like you’ve already covered every topic?

I get it — you’re not alone! This happens to almost everyone I talk to … even myself sometimes!

So I created a system called, The Map of Influence, to help bypass the frustration so that you never run out of post ideas again.

It’s built off the idea of narrowing your focus rather than expanding your focus of topics. Counterintuitive, but it works!

Just think of a time when it was the last day before a grocery run and pickings were slim in the fridge — but you accepted the challenge to create something with what little you had.

I bet if you’re anything like me, some of my most amazing, creative meals come from this.

Well the idea is similar to having a bare fridge and needing to make a dinner ASAP.

And the bonus part of this framework, any post that you create will be “on-brand.”

The Map of Influence

Step 1: Choose 1-2 broad (yet, narrow) subjects that you want to be known for

Example: gut health

Step 2

Choose 4-5 subcategories for each core value subject

Microbiome, Gut/hormone connection, Leaky gut, IBS / IBD, Pathogens of gut imbalances

Step 3

Create a google doc / excel sheet and / or other files that you have easy access to.

Create a space for each of those 1-2 core categories + 4-5 subcategories. Similar to the way I’ve listed it above. 

Step 4

Now brainstorm 10-20 post ideas for each subcategory

After reading that you’re probably like, whoa, wait a second. There’s no way I’m going to be able to do that. I can barely come up with ONE POST IDEA and now you’re telling me to do… **mentally calculates the math** 50-200 post ideas in one setting?!?! No way Jose.

Before you click away, and think I’m crazy for asking you to do that, I promise that yes it is possible, and no it’s not as hard as it looks ;) Plus I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make it easier than it sounds.

I have a secret hack I use so that even if I have a “brainstorm block” I can easily surpass 20 post ideas.

For example, I did this exercise for the “Microbiome” subcategory, and came up with 31 different post ideas just about the microbiome in 15 minutes.

If you want to learn this hack AND learn about the entire Map of Influence process (+ see all 31 microbiome post ideas!), it’s a bonus in The Social Academy Membership.

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