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5 Hacks To Boost Organic Engagement


Product Description
Engagement: we all want more right? More comments. More likes. More shares. (And ultimately, more followers and clients right?) The number one question I always get is: “How can I get more engagement on my posts? I post and all I hear is crickets.” Find out how to boost organic engagement on your social media accounts today with our 5 hacks.

What’s Included?

  • 5 Hacks to Boost Organic Engagement
  • 8 Types of Stories with lots of ideas to implement immediately
  • 20 Instagram Poll Samples
  • Best practices for interaction
  • Step by step instructions

This workbook is for you if:
You’re a Functional Health Practitioner and/or Naturopath who is posting consistently but hearing crickets on your posts and you would like:

  • Actionable hacks and tips to boost your engagement on your social media accounts.
  • More likes, saves, comments, and shares on the content that you are creating.