Functional Media


Things are going really great! I got another 2 new patients directly from Instagram in the last week.

From what I've heard from other businesses and colleagues, this is unheard of to get direct engagement and new clients from social media. Most people say social media is "just for building a brand and awareness". That hasn't been my experience!!

Thank you for proving them wrong. I LOVE doing things that people say can't be done! I also continue to get a steady stream of new followers.

I have to say you and your team have made everything a breeze.

My Facebook and Instagram work flawlessly and look professional.

The way you use my voice and content to create posts is fantastic and it never sounds fake.

From the colours and design work to the fabulous content and online engagement, I've had to do next to nothing.

Whenever a post gets published, I have to turn off my watch notifications because I get so many "likes" on the posts right away that my watch is constantly buzzing lol.

I can't wait to add more video content to my website and social media.

The fact that your team has helped with all of this has made it super convenient to practice in my busy clinic and do what I do best; see patients and be a doctor!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I was initially skeptical that someone who was not practicing functional medicine could possibly convey my message as well as me.

So it took me 3 months of having my curiosity peeked by Melanie’s posts, and more than one conversation, before I decided to give it a try.

Now, the only thing I regret is not having started sooner!

Working with Melanie makes running my business easier. She has a talent for identifying your unique voice, tone, and message, and being able to step into it 100% when crafting language.

The content is all my own, and Melanie is able to streamline the process of collaborative content creation that it now only takes about 30-60 minutes per month of my input.

I could never have done that independently—I am saving hours per week on social media content production and management!

Not only does the content feel authentic, but the visual images are in alignment with my brand and are 100s of times better than what I was posting on my own.

(Let’s face it…most of us are busy practicing medicine and don’t have time to study graphic design principles!)

In the last 2 months my following on Instagram (that was non existent before) is at almost 1000 people, and my facebook page following has increased by well over 20%.

More importantly, my posts all get good engagement, my opt-in subscribers have increased significantly, and respected colleagues have started to share my posts.

In just the short time we’ve worked together, I’ve had many new clients who cite having seen my social media postings as part of how they chose to work with my practice.

All said, it is a huge relief to know that my social media management is in hands that I can trust, and that I still have full creative influence, but can rest assured knowing it will get done each week, and be more effective than it would on my own.

My message is getting seen and heard, and it feels great to serve so many people in this way
I have to preface this testimonial with I have only been working with Melanie for just about 4 weeks. However in that time I have:

1. gained approximately 150 new followers on IG and went from I think all of 9 likes on FB to 96.

2. I had my first invitation to be interviewed by a colleague in the UK who herself has well over 110K followers herself on FB and 1,500 on IG and a very lucrative nutrition business. Upon advertising to others I was doing this interview, I received my second interview for a podcast, with a very well known public figure in the Washington, DC area, and that is scheduled for mid March. I'd like to note, I've been doing this work for several years and never once have I had these sorts of opportunities!

3. I have increased the number of free initial consults I have per week by an average of 100% in the last 4 weeks, and mind you this has been during the holiday season, when most people are no hold bar on their diets.

4. My website has had a huge increase in traffic! Unique visitors is up 803%, Visitors are up 659%, and page views are up 603%!

Not bad for one month's work!!!

I've known for a long time I needed to embrace social media to grow my business and stop relying solely on the kindness of clinicians for my referrals, especially with a desire to create services and products and varying levels, but I had such fear of getting started.

I was frozen in my tracks, too self critical to allow myself to publish anything.

When I had my exploration conversation with her to see if we were a good match, I was sold immediately.

She got me.

I could feel through the computer screen that she had the same passion for the work of FM as I do and that desire to educate the world.

I knew she would help relate my message and hold me accountable.

I knew she'd be a supportive cheerleader and sounding board when I need advice.

Melanie is an invaluable resource and I could not be happier I have chosen to hire her for my SM marketing needs.

Melanie has taught me through this process that taking myself more seriously others will as well.

I can see my business turning from simply being a being a labor of love to a business that is lucrative.

Thank you Melanie and the FM content management team
Melanie, I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me and my practice. I needed someone like you in my life 4 years ago LOL! I hope this testimonial is good enough!

Starting my own practice from scratch wasn't something I envisioned when I was graduating Chiropractic college. I figured I'd associate with someone for a couple years and slowly branch out then (when I felt ready).

Life didn't let me take the easy way out and pushed me into the direction for me to become the doctor I was meant to be. Although I was managing my practice at a fairly steady pace, I wasn't doing any marketing or out reach to get new patients. I wasn't comfortable doing that because I was so focused on being the doctor, not a marketer.

After 4 years in practice, I realized my practice needed more than word of mouth referrals. I wanted to reach more people in an impactful way and knew social media was the key.

Luckily, Melanie's instagram post showed up on my feed and I felt it was a huge calling! She came into my life when I was ready to move my practice forward. Since working with Melanie, my practice has grown in ways I couldn't have imagined.

Melanie allowed me to be seen and heard which not only grew my practice, but my presence. She understands who I am and was able to magically put my thoughts into beautiful posts.

What was once a burden to market my practice, has become a blessing because of Melanie!

Thank you for helping me be seen.