Hi, I’m Melanie - the founder of Functional Media

I combine my experience as ...

✅ Office Manager at a start-up Functional Medicine Clinic 

✅ Certified Functional Medicine Coaching Academy Health Coach

✅ Community Health Program Developer

✅ Online persuasion & communication strategist 

… to help ambitious health entrepreneurs stand out on social media in a way that resonates with their beliefs and practice.

My Goal is

more than to make your following grow,
it’s to make you an online authority!

Functional Media is a social media management agency focused ONLY on promoting alternative health professionals.

I got my start in functional medicine back in 2015, when I was the Office Manager & Health Coach at a startup Functional Medicine Clinic.

Even back then, we knew that our social media presence was crucial to both getting new clients and keeping our current clients informed.

So we decided to hire an agency to create content for our social media.

At first, it was amaaaaazing to have content creation off our plates! We felt like we finally had the time and energy to focus on onboarding new patients and growing the business...

💃 **cue happy dance**💃

Then one morning we received a few calls from our current patients… they sounded like this:

“I’m confused, you told me that I shouldn't eat bread because of the gluten, but I just read a post on your Facebook page which said that whole grains, like whole wheat, are good for me…”


While that agency may have known a thing or two about social media strategy… it turns out they knew NOTHING about functional medicine. 

We not only had to cancel our contract with them, but we also had to call all of our clients and explain the situation.

This was a pivotal moment for me, when I decided to create Functional Media!

Since 2017, I've supported over 700 Functional Medicine practitioners, Naturopathic Physicians, and Health Coaches throughout my various programs and services.

As a result of their social media presence, my clients...

  • Sold out their program launches

  • Reached 100K+ followers

  • Scaled their practice to 7 figures

  • Got booked as guest speakers on top podcasts

  • Brought on additional practitioners

  • Got featured in top media publications- Launched passive income streams

  • Became medical advisors to health & wellness products

  • Received speaking opportunities for events


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